Build change readiness and improve adoption

Prosci’s one-day ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1: Prevent Change Resistance program equips Prosci Change Practitioners with advanced skills for building and implementing the ADKAR Blueprint. 

The ADKAR Blueprint provides a template for capturing the essential information needed to support ADKAR transitions for individuals and groups impacted by a change. This program that focuses on the ADKAR Blueprint enables you to:

  • Effectively engage change leaders to partner with you in developing and implementing the ADKAR Blueprint
  • Build change readiness by proactively preparing, equipping and supporting people to adopt and use a change
  • Anticipate root causes of barrier points to prevent potential sources of resistance and move the change forward


Use proven practices and activities, peer insights, and data-driven research to improve ADKAR outcomes, change readiness and adoption, while preventing or mitigating resistance.